my top three blogs

I though since im engaging with this new world of blogging, I could share with my followers (that hopefully read my blog haha), some blogs that I found around and that really engandge me , I actually spend a good half an hour just flicking through them. (this one is defenetly my favorite, and really inspered me, I want to do something similliar do this because it is so simple but it was so much meaning)

Being connected…

Hey guys! So this is it, my first post ever in a blog, and also the first vine that I ever done!

I got to admit that as little bit of challenge to make this, not because the theme, but during the fact that a vine only has six seconds! Imagine trying to put a gigantic brainstorm of ideas in a few seconds!

The concept was interesting,  doing a vine with the description ” being connected…” , the way how we had to use this it was on our criteria. Immediately I decided that I wanted to do something based on comedy and real life, because basically is that what vine is all about. The idea is showing how nowadays you can easily find out when someone is lying with the help of Facebook for example!

I only did it last night, because we had to present it today in class, had to ask help to my boyfriend and his best friend so it was an interesting night, with a loads of banter on the middle.

Remember : Being connected is always finding out, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

Hope you like it! 🙂 x